Fun atmosphere surrounds work environment at Bavarian

Bavarian Imports Auto Repairs Ltd. defends its 2013 Best of the City crown for Best Auto Servicing.

Bill Short

Bill Short

Bavarian Imports Auto Repairs Ltd. defends its 2013 Best of the City crown for Best Auto Servicing and it is something that service manager and part-owner Klyntt Rogers takes pride in.

Bavarian Imports offers auto maintenance and amongst the services offered, air conditioning repair, alternators and batteries, brakes, clutch replacement, computer engine analysis, diesel fuel injection, electrical and electronics systems, engine rebuilding, exhaust and muffler systems, gasoline fuel injection, heater repairs, oil changes, steering systems and transmission.

As the Bavarian in the name implies, it specializes in BMW, Volkswagen and Audi brands, but it also works on all makes and models, whether domestic or other imports.

While Rogers and his workers take their work very seriously, a good workplace environment is one of the reasons it has the reputation it does.

“We do our thing and we have a lot of fun doing it,” Rogers said. “There’s five of us who work here at the shop and we have a lot of fun and get the job done.”

The auto service business opened in October 1996, co-founded by Bill Short and Harry Schild, and boasts a century worth of combined experience with a no-nonsense approach.

Ninety per cent of its business is through word-of-mouth and Bavarian has a commitment to good customer service, according to the service manager.

“We basically just treat everyone the same and that’s how we’ve always done it. Men, women, it doesn’t matter to us, it’s all the same,” said Rogers. “Rule of thumb is just do what’s needed and don’t do what’s not needed and they will come back.”

The majority of Bavarian Imports’ clientele is repeat business, said Rogers, with some customers that have been coming since the beginning.

Similarly the staff has remained the same since the business opened.

Rogers said he loves helping and serving people, whether they are in a good or bad frame of mind.

“You have to [realize] that most people, when their cars do break down they are upset. They don’t know what’s wrong with it. They’re on a tow truck, they’re from Tofino or wherever they’re from, of course they’re not going to be happy but you make it right,” Rogers said.

As mentioned, Bavarian Imports Auto Repairs Ltd. takes all manners of cars but its specialization in German cars adds to its appeal.

“The main thing, and most people really like and want, is the factory warranty maintenance servicing,” explained Rogers. “They come in and it keeps up with the normal factory maintenance.”

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