Bikers revved up for riding season

Motorcyclists are getting revved up for the first ride of the season.

As the snow banks melt and the icy roads begin to thaw, motorcyclists are getting revved up for what they’ve been waiting for all winter: the first ride of the season.

Before taking a bikes out of storage, there are certain steps motorcyclists should take before hitting the open roads to stay safe and avoid any unwanted mishaps.

Time for a tune-up – Your bike has been in storage for a few months now, so make sure to check the lights, controls, battery, fluid levels and especially tires.

With temperature changes, rubber and metal expand at different rates, so be sure to inspect your tires for cracks, any foreign objects and ensure your tires are properly inflated in accordance with your owner’s manual.

If your bike needs maintenance, take it in for a service early in the spring to avoid the rush.

Review your insurance – Riding situations often change from year to year, and so might your insurance requirements.

Perhaps you’ve decided to use your bike to commute to work every day, or maybe you’ve made some modifications to the bike during its winter hiatus. Now is the time to check with your insurance provider to ensure your policy provides adequate coverage.

Practise makes perfect – Riding in the rain can be challenging for even the most experienced motorcyclist.

Although you’re eager to ride, keep in mind it’s been a while since your last ride, so practise manoeuvering on quiet roads first.

A few easy techniques such as using both front and back brakes with a little less pressure than on dry roads, reacquainting yourself with the clutch and shifting, or staying out of the middle of a lane where cars tend to kick debris can help you stay safe on wet roads.

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