Active Life: End of summer signals time to start exercising

NANAIMO – Some tips will help make staying active a priority during the fall and winter months.

By Tammy Toor

If you’re like many people, summer is truly a break – a break from routine, from schedules and sometimes a break from fitness regimes.

As the days of fall approach, here are some simple ways to start exercising again if you have taken some time off this summer:

Start small – Getting back into exercising can feel totally intimidating. Try going for a brisk walk for a set amount of time and then gradually add intensity and duration. It’s amazing how a simple walk in the neighbourhood can help get you back on track.

Remember how good you will feel – It is sometimes easier to focus on the effort it takes during exercise as opposed to how good you will feel when you are done. Remember that post-workout high. I am positive you will not regret any workout you complete.

Schedule it – Just like we schedule other important events, putting it in your calendar will prevent you from booking other things at the same time. This also helps make working out a priority.

Exercise with a buddy – It’s easy to find other things to do or to make excuses, but working out with somebody else helps keep you committed, and it’s way more fun to have somebody else with you who often becomes a supporter and motivator.

Challenge yourself for a month – Try yoga, walking, a boot camp class or something else for a month. By breaking it down into a set time frame, it will likely feel less intimidating, and it could lead to some life-long habits. It’s amazing how much your fitness level can change in a short month.

Remember the ‘why’ – Working out has so many proven health benefits – physically and emotionally. We all have our individual reasons for exercising. Find your “why” and it will help you stick with it for a lifetime.

Try something new – Parks and Recreation is a great place to look for a variety of health and fitness programs. We have boot camps, yoga, dance, skating, aqua fit, weight rooms and so much more. Maybe something you’ve never tried before will become your new ‘favourite’ activity that will keep you motivated and committed.

For more information, please pick up a copy of our new Fall and Winter Activity Guide or visit

In the meantime, I’m meeting friends for a hike through Linley Valley.

Tammy Toor is a communications specialist with Nanaimo Parks and Recreation.