Words Worth Noting: Home Truths

NANAIMO - Home Truths edited by Richard Mackie and Graeme Wynn is a series of essays collected from B.C. Studies.

Home Truths

Home Truths

Home Truths examines the experiences of immigrants trying to establish themselves in Canada and of First Nations dealing with the loss of the traditional territory their ancestors have called home for generations.

The book, which is a collection of essays from B.C. Studies, has some poignant points that resonate with anyone who has ever felt the pains of homesickness and delves into the question of home, hearth and community.

A quote that particularly touched me was an excerpt from an article by Lynne Davis about environmentalists fighting to turn a section of the Heiltsuk territory into a protected park, the Great Bear Rainforest. She quotes a leader as follows:

“Our territory is our home. It’s our home, it’s where we lived our whole life, it’s what we’re about. It’s where we get our food. And I said [to the environmentalist] ‘Okay how about I come to your house, I come unannounced, I walk in without knocking, and I start moving your furniture around … I slide your couch under your window or in front of your front door and whether you like it or not, that’s where it stays.”

The great thing about this book is because it is a series of essays people can start reading any chapter they desire in whatever order they please.

As a history buff interested in more about British Columbia this was a great addition to my book shelf.

The collection of essays features work by historians, geographers and writers from the past 40 years of the journal including articles by Cole Harris, Jean Barman, Michael Thomas and others.

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