Jason Scott celebrates the music of Neil Diamond during his Diamond Forever show in Nanaimo on Saturday (Oct. 8).

Jason Scott celebrates the music of Neil Diamond during his Diamond Forever show in Nanaimo on Saturday (Oct. 8).

Tribute artist Jason Scott celebrates music of Neil Diamond during Nanaimo show

NANAIMO - Neil Diamond tribute artist Jason Scott performs during his Diamond Forever Show in Nanaimo on Saturday (Oct. 8).

JASON Scott began his journey as a Neil Diamond tribute artist after he sang the song Love on the Rocks.

He was in a pub and decided to sing the song because his sister loved it.

Karaoke was just finishing up and a Canucks games was playing on the sports screen.

Scott had his back to the audience when he began to sing.

He heard a big whoop and thought the Canucks had scored and turned around, but it wasn’t the hockey game that had elicited the excitement, it was his singing.

“That’s when a light went on in my head,” said Scott.

It was one of those moments in life that change everything, said Scott.

“You just get up one morning and you never know if there will be a moment in the day that will just change the course of your life,” he said.

Scott wasn’t a stranger to singing and performing. In the late ’80s he finally landed an opportunity to record an album of his original material after he had paid his dues in the bar and pub circuit.

But halfway through, the producer died of cancer and the record deals under the producer’s control were scrapped.

“That was the end of my shot at the brass ring,” said Scott.

Since that time, he has been recognized for his skills as a Neil Diamond tribute artist.

In 2005, Scott became the first Canadian to win the Be a Legend celebrity tribute artist in Las Vegas and in 2010 he was awarded the Best Platinum Showcase Award at the Sunbust Convention of Celebrity Tribute Artists.

Scott was also the only Canadian Neil Diamond artist to be featured in the film Diamond Mountain, a feature-length documentary by Midnight Pass Entertainment, directed by Steve Tatone.

The film was screened in Las Vegas at the Suncoast Hotel in April.

Five members of Neil Diamond’s band showed up for the premiere, including drummer Ron Tutt, pianist Tom Hensley and conga player King Errisson.

“It was just incredible,” said Scott. “They are all legends, everyone of those fellas.”

For more information about Diamond Mountain, please go to www.midnightpassentertainment.com/diamond-mountain.

Scott performs in Nanaimo during his Diamond Forever, Neil Diamond tribute act, Saturday (Oct. 8) at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 256 hall located at 1630 East Wellington Rd.

Tickets are $45 and include a three-course dinner and are available in advance from the legion office or by calling 250-754-8128.

Doors open at 5 p.m., dinner is at 5:30 p.m. and the show begins at 7:30 p.m.

For more information about Scott and his Diamond Forever, Neil Diamond tribute show, please go to www.diamondforever.ca.