Tour peeks behind scenes

NANAIMO - The Nanaimo Museum is offering residents a chance to go behind the scenes and learn how exhibits are created.

Aimee Greenaway

Aimee Greenaway

People interested in learning how museum exhibits go from an idea to a floor display can satisfy their curiosity during the Nanaimo Museum’s Behind the Scenes tour.

The tour is Thursday (Nov. 19) from 1:30-2:15 p.m. at the museum. People will get to discuss the process with Aimee Greenaway, interpretation curator, and Richard Slingerland, exhibit design curator.

“We timed it for while we are preparing for the Christmas exhibit. People can talk to Richard and me and learn about the specific things that go into creating an exhibit,” said Greenaway.

Slingerland works on the design and Greenaway works on the historical information.

“It will really be seeing how exhibits go from an idea to physically being built,” said Greenaway.

The museum sets its exhibit schedule about two to three years in advance to book the provincial and national exhibits and then confirms a year before. Local historical displays are built by the museum staff using artifacts from the collection. The tour looks at creating the exhibit, Christmas in the Golden Age of Radio.

“It’s a wonderful collection of radios that came from a local collector, Fletcher Music Co. Ltd.,” said Greenaway. “It was a fixture downtown.”

Originally the tour was for volunteers, but the museum opened it to the community.

The tour cost is regular museum admission; however, participants must pre-register by calling 250-753-1821. For more information, please go to