The Nylons will perform during their farewell tour at Nanaimo’s Port Theatre Friday (Nov. 4) at 7:30 p.m.

The Nylons will perform during their farewell tour at Nanaimo’s Port Theatre Friday (Nov. 4) at 7:30 p.m.

The Nylons say farewell to fans on Vancouver Island

A cappella group, The Nylons, are leaving the touring circuit and perform in Nanaimo Friday (Nov. 4).

The Nylons are saying goodbye.

Goodbye to the road, to tour buses and tour schedules.

“Really, touring is a young man’s game and we have been doing it a long, long time now,” said Garth Mosbaugh, a tenor/baritone for the a cappella group, adding the oldest member of the group is 64 years old

Fans of the group can see them one last time during the Nylons Farewell Tour, which features two Vancouver Island stops, Friday (Nov. 4) in Nanaimo and Saturday in Sidney.

“The Nylons’ show is always a lot of fun and that is what people expect,” said Mosbaugh.

Mosbaugh said that while the Nylons are saying goodbye to touring, the group will still continue to work on special projects and music.

Mosbaugh joined the Nylons in 1994.

He tried out for the musical Forever Plaid in the early ’90s. He was told he had a part, but the production was in Vancouver and Mosbaugh was living in eastern Canada at the time.

The casting director contacted him and said she had something Mosbaugh would be a good fit for – it was an audition for the Nylons.

One of the key things Mosbaugh has learned being part of the a cappella group is how to take care of his voice.

The group sings continuously throughout performances, which Mosbaugh said can be taxing.

“In a group like the Nylons you are singing all the time,” he said.

Mosbaugh said using the human voice, instead of a musical instrument, is a very personal way to express yourself.

“The human voice is pretty much the first instrument that ever existed… It’s the first form of expression,” said Mosbaugh.

He said the fans can expect some favourites such as The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Happy Together and other original songs.

The Nylons perform at Nanaimo’s Port Theatre on Friday at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $44.50 or $39.50 for seniors available by calling 250-754-8550 or

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