Daniel Wesley plays the Queen’s on July 16. (Photo courtesy James Looker Photography)

Daniel Wesley plays the Queen’s on July 16. (Photo courtesy James Looker Photography)

Singer-songwriter plays Nanaimo in return to live performance

Sunshine Coast’s Daniel Wesley brings solo show to the Queen’s

With COVID-19 restrictions loosening, Daniel Wesley said it’s been a joy to get back to performing.

“I don’t ever take for granted that this is my job and this is how I make my living,” the Sunshine Coast-based musician said. “To just show up and sing some music and make people feel happy.”

On July 16, Wesley performs a solo show at the Queen’s.

“Definitely looking forward to coming back to the Island and Nanaimo,” he said. “A little different this time but at least people can be listening to music and getting out and enjoying life a bit.”

Since releasing his first album in 2006, Vancouver Island has been one of his “No. 1” destinations for touring. He said his laid-back style suits the region.

“I think my music just fits with a lot of people’s lifestyle choices that are on the Island and they kind of go hand-in-hand,” Wesley said.

Despite not being able to perform regularly during the pandemic, Wesley found a way to stay connected to fans by writing personalized songs.

“Nothing cheesy,” he said. “But they gave me some information and I’ve done over 50 of those, which was really fun.”

Now that in-person shows are an option, Wesley said he’s seen a “resurgence” of interest. He said people are eager to do something other than “sitting on the couch and watching Netflix.”

“I feel like the arts, I think people … that cared about it before will even care even more now,” he said. “When something’s taken away from you, I think you realize how important it was in your life.”

WHAT’S ON … Daniel Wesley performs at the Queen’s, 34 Victoria Cres., on July 16 at 9 p.m. Tickets $35 in advance from Lucid or online.

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