Singer produces ‘romantic’ jazz

Nanaimo - Brandi Disterheft performs Tuesday (Nov. 13) at Simon Holt.

Brandi Disterheft performs selections from her latest album

Brandi Disterheft performs selections from her latest album

Music doesn’t always need to contain lyrics to convey emotion.

Singer-songwriter Brandi Disterheft often omits lyrics from music to tap into feelings.

“Instrumental music can have a stronger emotion than lyrics,” she said.

The jazz musician loves producing music that is romantic and uplifting. Lately a lot of jazz produced has been very cerebral, she said.

Disterheft is performing in Nanaimo Tuesday (Nov. 13) 9 p.m. at Simon Holt. She’ll perform selections from her new album Gratitude.

Gratitude is her third album – her first album, Debut, won a Juno award in 2007. Gratitude was created to honour her cousin, who was like a brother to Disterheft.

“He was robbed of his immortality. He suddenly passed away,” said Disterheft. “It’s to celebrate his life.”

Gratitude captures Disterheft’s emotions – dealing with the loss of a loved one.

“That music just poured out of me. I wrote it in less than an hour,” she said, adding she later went back and refined the songs. “I really love writing words because it’s a puzzle and I love putting the pieces together.”

The album contains the emotional remembrance to her cousin, love, political and French songs.

Disterheft said she loves singing in French because it is very freeing.

Her song Le Regarder La Recontrer Encore deals with a relationship.

“My whole body shivers with love bring me another blanket,” said Disterheft, repeating a lyric for her work. “It’s basically I am pleading with a person because the love is still there.”

Originally from Vancouver, she moved to New York to connect to the jazz scene.

“It (New York) really is the hub of the jazz mecca. It’s been a great learning experience,” she said. “I still get to hear jazz legends on any given night. It’s been a real thrill to me.”

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Tickets for her Tuesday night performance are $10 and available at Simon Holt.