Singer has message to share at concert

Emma Cloney music is about more than just sounding pretty.

Her first album, Something to Say, is a statement about surviving a painful period in her life.

Cloney overcame a difficult upbringing that included foster care and created a life filled with love, friendship and opportunity.

She heads out to Western Canada for the first time on tour, with a stop in Nanaimo Sunday (June 12) for a house concert, to share the songs that have helped her find her voice.

Cloney aims to capture the essence of her experiences in music and is ready to share with anyone who is willing to listen.

Cloney will be joined on tour by Dan Frechette, a Winnipeg-based folk musician and veteran of North American folk festivals. Frechette and his ability to engross listeners in stories and melodies has long been a mentor to Cloney.

The pair will offer audiences a variety of introspective, original songs interwoven with timeless folk classics.

The concert begins at 3 p.m. For venue and ticket information, please contact Trish Clair Peck at 250-591-3913 or e-mail