Rockers all about having fun

Bend Sinister perform at the Queen's on Thursday (June 5).

Bend Sinister performs at the Queen's on Thursday (June 5).

Bend Sinister performs at the Queen's on Thursday (June 5).

When it comes to making music, Vancouver rock band Bend Sinister are really all about having a good time.

“We try not to be to serious all the time and have some fun with our music and try to show people a good time,” said keyboardist Daniel Moxon.

Fresh off a brand-new album release, Bend Sinister will be performing in Nanaimo on Thursday (June 5) at the Queen’s.

“I do like playing Vancouver Island in general. It’s been a few years since we’ve done a Nanaimo gig. The last time was probably an outdoor sort of thing,” Moxon said. “It’s good. It’s nice. I like the Island mentality and I’ve got some friends in Nanaimo and it’s a nice spot to come play.”

The now Vancouver-based band, Bend Sinister originally began in 2001 in Kelowna. Their current lineup includes Moxon along with Joseph Blood, Jason Dana and Matt Rhode.

In March, Bend Sinister released their most recent record, Animals, to File Under Music. The album was produced by Grammy-winner Joe Marlett.

“It picks from all our different influences and I think it captures more of the live energy of the band, which we were trying to do with this record. I hope you leave listening to the record with a smile on your face,” Moxon said about the new record.

Bend Sinister’s performance in Nanaimo is just one stop on a lengthy summer tour that will see the band perform at a handful of festivals in over 15 cities and towns including Vancouver, Victoria, Parksville, Denman Island, Kamloops, Saskatoon, Calgary, Lethbridge, Alta., and Ear Falls, Ont.

“I think one fun one will be the Gateway Festival, which is in a tiny little town [Bengaugh, Sask.] outside of Regina,” Moxon said about their upcoming summer festival schedule. “Whenever a show can be outside it is more exciting for us I think. It’s bigger crowds and neat energy to play outdoors.”

Bend Sinister performs at the Queen’s on Thursday (June 5) at 9 p.m. Visit for more details.