Ian Kelly performs at the Acme Food Co. on Thursday night.

Ian Kelly performs at the Acme Food Co. on Thursday night.

Quebec musician seeks out solitude

Ian Kelly visiting Nanaimo as part of a lengthy Western Canadian tour.

Singer-songwriter Ian Kelly had always wanted to be in a band.

“That was the dream,” Kelly said.

But that changed once the Quebec native actually joined one.

“I started to play in cover bands and I started to write my own material and bands are so complicated,” Kelly said. “People are never available when you want them to be and not dedicated enough or dedicated too much.”

Over the last 10 years, the Montrealer has not only been making music as a solo artist, but he has been successful at it.

“I am lucky enough that I can make a living at it,” Kelly said.

On Thursday (April 30) Kelly will be performing at the Acme Food Co., where he will play tracks from his new record, All These Lines, which was released in 2013.

“I am pretty excited because I have never been to Nanaimo,” Kelly said. “I have been to Vancouver Island before and I know it is beautiful out there and so I am looking forward to it.”

Kelly released his first album, Insecurity in 2005 and followed that up in 2008 with Speak Your Mind. The album was certified gold in 2008 after selling over 40,000 copies.

Following his show in the Harbour City, Kelly will venture across British Columbia, then head to Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

He said that when he created this Western Canadian tour, he did it partly because he wanted to be alone.

“I wanted to experience a bit of solitudes,” Kelly said. “I’ve been touring this album [All These Lines] for over a year and a half with six people on the road and I thought it would be really neat to spend some time alone.”

Kelly, a Felix Award winner, said that All These Lines has an intimate feel to it, but also includes more upbeat songs than his past records.

“I really wanted to have some music that I could play in arenas and stadiums,” he said. “There is an epicness and an intimacy.”

Kelly performs at  the Acme Food Co. at 8:30 p.m.

For more information, please visit www.iankellysmusic.com.

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