Poetry challenge held in meeting

NANAIMO - Members of Nanaimo's city council will participate in the Mayor's Poetry City Challenge Monday (April 18).

Nanaimo city council is embracing the annual Mayor’s Poetry City Challenge this year with a reading by the Harbour City’s poet laureate and several young poets.

The challenge, issued yearly by the mayor of Calgary, is Monday (April 18) during the regular council meeting.

“This month I encourage all of our residents to participate in the events being held to celebrate poetry and to support the idea of promoting literature in our community,” said Nanaimo Mayor Bill McKay in a press release.

The event features readings by the winners of the first High School Poetry Competition, created in Nanaimo by poet laureate Naomi Beth Wakan. The winners are Eden Rowe for the poem Harbour City; Eli Bueckert for Nanaimo and Sophia Halfyard for Breath on Mount Benson.

Honourable mentions in the competition went to Sena Cleave for the poem Nanaimo in the Shores; Owen Laurie for Piper’s Lagoon and Prentice Olafson for Our Harbour.

For more information please go to www.nanaimo.ca.