Playwrights challenged to create new work during Vancouver Island University’s competition

Vancouver Island University is challenging playwrights to create a 15-minute show for its inaugural playwriting competition.

Teams of five playwrights only have 24 hours to create a 15-minute show together for Vancouver Island University’s inaugural playwriting competition held Nov. 18-20.

Each team will receive an inspiration box at the beginning of the competition with one sound effect, a quote, costume or prop they must include in the show and perform on Nov. 20 at 8 p.m.

Then the group has one hour to organize technical aspects of the play including lighting and sound cues.

The playwrights are allowed to bring in actors to perform the piece for the competition.

“We’re looking for absolutely anyone with a desire to try something completely different and fun for a weekend,” said Leon Potter, chairman of VIU’s theatre department. “We’re hoping for a range of different groups to participate – VIU students and staff, high school students, arts groups, or anyone else in the community who’s interested. Get your team of five people together and come introduce yourselves to the magic of last-minute panic.”

There is no sign up fee to enter the competition. The deadline to enter is Friday (Nov. 4).

The limit is eight teams for the competition.

Teams can register by e-mailing Potter at

Final performances will be judged by a panel of people from the arts community and prizes will be awarded.

“Aside from a weekend of your time and a few shreds of dignity, you will find yourselves paid back in some of the greatest memories you could create,” said Potter.

For more information about the playwriting competition, please go to