The Nanaimo band TerraZetto embraces a wide range of musical styles from various cultures. The trio includes (Voodoo) Dave McGrath

The Nanaimo band TerraZetto embraces a wide range of musical styles from various cultures. The trio includes (Voodoo) Dave McGrath

Nanaimo’s TerraZetto embraces global music influences

NANAIMO - Nanaimo's TerraZetto melds musical influences from around the world in its songs.

Musical traditions and sounds from around the world meld in the music of the Nanaimo band TerraZetto.

The musicians create original compositions and also rework and push traditional and classic songs in new directions.

TerraZetto’s members have changed over the years. The group is currently a trio, consisting of Carrie Ingrisano, Kenny (Boom Boom) Brault and (Voodoo) Dave McGrath. Brault and Ingrisano met at an open mike night at the Vault Café.

Brault and Ingrisano are the main songwriters.

“It’s one way to be a storyteller. When you write a song you can share something personal about your life … someone out there can understand it and connect in some way,” said Ingrisano.

After Brault and Ingrisano arrange a song McGrath adds his drumming.

“I come along and put a groove to it,” said McGrath.

Ingrisano said the “groove” can change the original direction of the song.

TerraZetto members strive to share their eclectic selection of music, which includes continental, Latin and Americana roots, with people and love the reactions of audience members. Ingrisano performs in French, English and Portuguese.

“We love playing and just want to spread the joy,” said McGrath.

Ingrisano said audience members can become an extension of the band because “their movement is a part of what we are doing.”

“Music is a gift. You don’t have the gift of music, you give the gift of music,” said Brault.

The trio is a tight-knit group of friends, who have became like siblings to each other. They have been through the ups and downs of life together.

McGrath recently battled colon cancer and had to have chemotherapy. The members continued to meet and practise between his treatments. McGrath said he believes in the healing power of music.

“It got me through the worst … was hanging out and playing with these guys,” he said.

Voodoo Dave McGrath leads drumming circles in the community and performs with a wide variety of organizations during events, such as Crimson Coast Dance Society.

McGrath draws his inspiration from a variety of traditions including African, Cuban and Latin America.

He makes all his own drums.

Brault plays a variety of instruments including bass, mandolin and the Irish bouzouki. He’s been performing around Vancouver Island for a number of years and has released several CDs of original work.

Ingrisano is a singer, songwriter and poet. She sings a diverse range of styles including pop and reggae. She plays the electric bass and has recorded a number of CDs.

The group’s name was created by founding member Jenna Flor, who died several years ago. It was inspired by a Latin word that means a classical piece of music written for three musicians, but has been modified.

“I’m glad we kept the name and can still keep her memory going and her heart,” said Brault.

TerraZetto is performing a number of shows in the upcoming weeks on Vancouver Island. On Thursday (July 28) the trio performs during the Lunchtime Summer Music Series in the Old City Quarter from noon to 1 p.m.

On Aug. 26 TerraZetto performs at the Nanaimo Downtown Farmers’ Market at Pioneer Waterfront Plaza at 10 a.m.

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