Nanaimo’s Bohemia Ballet will perform during ArtStarts showcase

Ballet company founded by Nanaimo resident Ivana Ho displaying dances during ArtStarts conference in Vancouver.

Thayio Seo

Thayio Seo

Nanaimo’s Bohemia Ballet has been invited to perform during the ArtStarts Showcase and Conference March 6-7 in Vancouver.

The showcase, started more than 20 years ago by a group of educators, is a forum where people can display their talents. Dancers, storytellers, musicians and theatre groups are invited to showcase their skills to community arts programmers, who want to engage young audience members in schools around the province or during community events.

Artists selected to perform at the showcase are chosen by a selection committee comprised of educators and arts programmers.

Ivana Ho, artistic director of Bohemia Ballet, said the opportunity to perform during the showcase will help the ballet company gain more exposure throughout the province.

She said most groups that perform are established, but Bohemia Ballet is relatively new to the scene.

“We hope we will make connections and be part of the artistic community,” she said about attending the showcase.

While Bohemia Ballet wasn’t chosen as an ArtStarts in Schools educational program participant, Ho said she hopes the exposure will eventually lead to the opportunity in the future.

Bohemia Ballet’s educational programming combines modern dance, street dance and ballet. Four dancers from the ballet company will travel to Vancouver for the showcase and will do about an eight-minute excerpt of some of the programming.

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