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Nanaimo Theatre Group’s new show offers glimpse into life of Marie Curie

‘The Half-Life of Marie Curie’ to be staged at Bailey Studio from April 26 until May 13
Sophie Maher, left, and Sherri McLean will portray Marie Curie and Hertha Ayrton, respectively, in the Nanaimo Theatre Group’s upcoming spring production, ‘The Half-Life of Marie Curie.’ (Submitted photo)

The Nanaimo Theatre Group will offer a peek into the incredible life of a Polish-French physicist and chemist for its spring production.

The Half-Life of Marie Curie, written by Lauren Gunderson, will be staged at the the Bailey Studio on Rosstown Road, opening Wednesday, April 26.

Marie Curie is known the world over for her discovery of radium, polonium and radioactivity, noted a release for the production, and she is still, to date, the only scientist to win two Noble Prizes in two different fields, physics and chemistry.

The theatre group’s production will glimpse into a specific time and place in Curie’s life just before the First World War.

“We witness the effects of the torment and public furor over her affair with a married man and the consequential healing that ensues over a summer spent on the coast of England with her friend and fellow scientist, renowned suffragette, Hertha Ayrton,” noted the release.

The duo commiserate on “the glory of children” and the “love of good men” in both their labs and bedroom, and the barriers encountered in their male-dominated fields. The play is described to feel like a “girl’s weekend away,” complete with liquor, laughter and tears, and with dialogue that will remind the audience how far society has come in both science and equality.

The Half-Life of Marie Curie is noted as being 100 per cent accessible for the visually impaired, as everything is either spoken or made clear with sound effects.

The show will run Wednesdays to Saturdays at 8 p.m., and on Sundays at 2 p.m., from April 26 until May 13.

Tickets can be purchased online at

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