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Nanaimo Museum host Capturing Christmas exhbit

Nanaimo Museum hosts Capturing Christmas exhibit, which includes cameras and historical photographs highlighting the city's past.
Aimee Greenaway

Advances in technology have changed not only how people take photographs, but also how they store the pictures.

While photography technology advances weren’t unique to the Nanaimo area, the Nanaimo Museum is featuring the local connections during its Capturing Christmas exhibit.

The exhibit features cameras and historical photographs depicting Christmas or snowy scenes in Nanaimo from the museum’s collection. There are also a variety of vintage cameras that were used in photography studios in Nanaimo and portraits taken at the studios.

Aimee Greenaway, interpretation curator for the Nanaimo Museum, said the idea is to show people how cameras evolved over time.

“Photography has changed so much with digital and almost everyone has their own camera, but if you came to Nanaimo in the 1890s there were several different photography studios. If you wanted your photo taken you had to go to a photographer,” she said.

Greenaway said her favourite part of the exhibit is seeing the Nanaimo connection.

“I like seeing the connections to the changes in technology with photography technology and how that connects with the community,” she said.

The exhibit also examines the different media people have stored their photos on and how that has evolved over time.

“Were are your photos backed up? That obviously wasn’t an issue when you went to a photography studio and they handed you the photo,” said Greenaway.

There is also a display that deals with old photographs donated from families who don’t know the people in the photograph. From a historical perspective, Greenaway said it’s important to have information associated with photos to let people know who was in them or where they were taken, for the future.

The Capturing Christmas exhibit runs at the museum until Jan. 6. For more information, including museum hours and admission prices, please go to