Nanaimo Entertainment Centre set for unveiling during evening gala concert

Old Caprice theatre renovated to create multi-use event space.

The Nanaimo Entertainment Centre

The Nanaimo Entertainment Centre

The Nanaimo Entertainment Centre is ready for its unveiling after six months of renovations.

The centre, the old Caprice Theatre, was renovated by Nanaimo Entertainment. The company is holding a gala opening concert featuring Alex Cuba, with special guest Eric Harper, on Wednesday (Oct. 24).

“It’s an awesome show. Alex is so cool. It’s a trio and these guys are smoking,” said Joel Spillette, promotions manager for the Nanaimo Entertainment Centre.

Spillette said Nanaimo Entertainment will market the centre as a multi-use facility, available for concerts, conferences, wedding receptions and other events. It is trying to fill the gap for events that are looking for a venue that will hold about 300 to 450 people.

“They saw the market for something in between the Port Theatre and the Conference Centre,” said Spillette, about why Nanaimo Entertainment, which also owns The Palace and The Foundry, decided to renovate the space.

The centre’s capacity is about 400 people, which includes both theatres and the entrance area. Spillette said renovations are still ongoing in the kitchen and the company eventually hopes to have a caterer work out of the centre to provide food for conferences or wedding receptions.

Seating in the two theatre spaces was removed, which allows people booking the space to arrange their own seating plans.

Spillette said it’s great for concerts because it allows space for a dance floor.

Tables and seating can also be set up in the entrance during concerts, to create a lounge area.

Skylights were added to provide more natural light.

The original theatre wallpaper was maintained and stages were rebuilt. For more information please go to