Chevy Stevens releases fifth book

Chevy Stevens releases fifth book

Nanaimo author Chevy Stevens releases fifth book

NANAIMO - Chevy Stevens releases fifth thriller, Those Girls, which tells the story of the three Campbell sister.

The Campbell sisters are on the run from a violent past and while they head away from one danger they end up stumbling into a even darker situation.

Their story unfolds in Chevy Stevens’s fifth book, Those Girls, which was released in June.

It’s the first book where Stevens has worked with more than one first-person perspective.

“I wanted to see how three different personality types deal with the same situation,” said Stevens.

The siblings, Jess, Courtney and Dani live on a ranch in a fictional town called Littlefield and are often left alone to their own devices while their father is off working in the oil fields.

One night he returns and the girls have to deal with his volatile, drunken temper. Things get out of hand.

The aftermath sends the sisters on the run, but when their truck breaks down near the fictional town of Cash Creek, their situation takes another turn for the worse and they must fight for their lives.

Those Girls coverTheir desperate situation leads them to change their identities and start over, but 18 years later the past collides with the present and the women must face what happened to them one summer in Cash Creek.

Stevens said the Campbell sisters are vulnerable.

They are more vulnerable than typical people travelling because they are running from something in their past.

Where a normal person would go to the police, the sisters are too afraid to go to the authorities.

Stevens is known for her thrillers. She said some of her newer books are heading into a sub-genre of domestic suspense.

She said interest in the genre has been growing over the past few years with books like Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and All is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker.

“I’m trying to find new ways to create fear,” said Stevens.

Her sixth book, Never Let You Go, is slated for release next year in the spring.

She is also currently mulling over ideas for her seventh novel, which she said will be set in Seattle.

Stevens said her focus has changed since releasing her debut novel Still Missing.

In the beginning, she said it was more fun to scare herself.

“My tastes changed and it’s a bit more about complex situations,” she said.

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