Danielle Dickson adjusts her acrylic painting on an easel at Iron Oxide Art Supplies. Dickson displays her work along with Willow Friday

Danielle Dickson adjusts her acrylic painting on an easel at Iron Oxide Art Supplies. Dickson displays her work along with Willow Friday

Nanaimo artists display work during annual artwalk

Annual art event held in Nanaimo's downtown and Old City Quarter features almost 40 artists.

Artists often work alone.

They spend long hours in solitude creating their works of art and yet through their art, many artists speak to the viewer.

During the 18th annual Nanaimo Artwalk, residents will get a chance to engage in conversations with artists and ask them about their creative process and pieces.

There are almost 40 artists displaying their work during the event at various locations.

Danielle Dickson, Katherine Moore and Willow Friday are displaying their work at Iron Oxide Arts Supplies, which Friday owns.

Dickson is showcasing her acrylic paintings.

She started painting one day because she decided she wanted a piece for her living room.

“I always drew and things like that, but I never thought I would paint,” said Dickson. “I absolutely love doing it. It’s very meditative and it’s been an incredible journey to see how my work has evolved and changed and developed.”

Dickson said art impacts people.

“I’ve always been a huge believer in art being a powerful conduit for change and empowering people and healing people,” said Dickson.

The art walk is a fantastic opportunity for people to see the diversity of artists in Nanaimo, she said.

“It’s a great opportunity to see a community come alive … An opportunity for people to come and take home something to inspire them in their own home or even just to come out and be inspired,” said Dickson. “Just coming around and seeing how other people see the world can shift your scope.”

Friday works with a variety of different artistic disciplines. During art walk she’ll showcase her photography.

“I have gone on several adventures the past few years with the main focus to get images that people can enjoy … I’ve been in some pretty unusual places so I’m excited to share that artwork,” said Friday.

She saved up her paper route money when she was 12 years old and bought her first camera. She still has the camera in her home.

Friday said she feels like she has finally come to a place with enough material that works cohesively as a show.

She said people should plan ahead and choose what locations they want to visit because there are so many it’s most likely a person won’t be able to visit them all during the two-day event.

To get a better idea of which artists a person wants to see and talk with, Friday suggests participants check out the artist listing on the Nanaimo Artwalk website, www.nanaimoartwalk.com.

Each artist has a profile and images of his or her work on the website.