Musicians detail fiddle history

Valley Youth fiddlers perform show at Nanaimo's Centre Stage theatre.

From the wall-shaking energy of East Coast kitchen parties to toe-tapping ambiance of buskers on the West Coast waterfront, the fiddle is an integral part of Canada’s cultural makeup.

But have you ever wondered how this stringed instrument shaped Canada’s history?

The fiddle tells a unique story of Canada – how fiddle music first came to our country and spread across the provinces, contributing to our cultural mosaic.

This intriguing story unfolds in Nanaimo on July 12, when the Valley Youth Fiddlers present A Fiddler’s History of Canada as part of their B.C. tour.

The show features traditional fiddle tunes that were brought to Canada by immigrants from many countries, starting with the tragedy of the Acadians, moving through the fur trade and the discovery of the fiddle by First Nations.

The show then goes on a musical journey as fiddle music spreads to communities in the far reaches of Canada, assisted by radio and television to become a true mosaic, with styles from many different cultures.

The Fiddle History of Canada is set for Nanaimo Centre Stage, beginning at 7:30 p.m. Tickets $15; $10/youth at Fascinating Rhythm and at the door.