Corb Lund performs songs from his latest album

Corb Lund performs songs from his latest album

Musician turns tragedy into creativity

NANAIMO - Corb Lund performs with the Hurtin' Albertans at the Port Theatre Monday (May 13).

When tragedy struck Corb Lund’s life he retreated from the bustle of the world to a rustic cabin in the woods.

The cabin didn’t even have running water. It was winter and three feet of snow surrounded him. He would go out and chop wood for the fire. It was the cabin he built with his bronc riding uncle, Lynn Jensen, whose passing brought on Lund’s visit. The death was compounded by the end of Lund’s 13-year relationship.

“He was one of my favourite uncles. I was sort of drifting around for a while to find my bearings,” said Lund.

During this time he began to write songs for his latest album Cabin Fever. He would take breaks from that isolation and go to Las Vegas, New York City and Austin, but then return to the cabin. He was alone most of the time and during those isolated periods he wrote songs.

Songs don’t just pop into Lund’s head. He said it takes him a while to write them. He likes to ensure they are well crafted before taking them into the studio for recording.

“They slowly take shape over time like little sculptures,” said Lund.

Cabin Fever, Lund’s seventh album, debuted at No. 1 on the Canadian Billboard top 200. Lund said even though he has won a number of awards over the years, that recognition by fans was really great.

“Things like that are more meaningful,” he said. “It means real human beings are listening to your records.”

The Juno award winner has also been named the Canadian Country Music Association’s Roots Artist of the year for seven consecutive years. He performs with The Hurtin’ Albertans at the Port Theatre Monday (May 13) 7:30 p.m.

Performing for fans is when music comes alive for Lund.

“For me it is the exchange of energy with people,” he said. “Writing the songs is part of it but it doesn’t come to full fruition until I play it for people and they respond.”

During his Nanaimo performance he’ll play songs from his newest album along with some older fan favourites.

“It’s gratifying to see people sing back the songs,” said Lund about his favourite part of performing on stage.

Tickets are $42.50 and are available by calling 250-754-8550, at the Port Theatre box office, located at 125 Front St., or