Montgomery loves sharing his passion for music with fans during shows

NANAIMO - Country music singer Wayne Montgomery performs at the Queen's Friday (June 7).

There isn’t anything Wayne Montgomery loves more than getting out into the crowd and interacting with his fans.

“I get that electric feeling from the crowd. I feed off them,” he said. “I am high energy. The band gets tired of watching me. A lot of it is the passion for the music.”

Montgomery said his passion is similar to one of his idols, Elvis Presley. The King of Rock really got into his music because it was a part of him, said Montgomery. It’s how the singer feels about his own performances.

“I just love the music and I feel the music,” he said.

One of his other musical influences is Garth Brooks. Montgomery said he respects  how Brooks values friends and family.

The singer is performing with his band, Montgomery County, at the Queen’s Friday (June 7). The performance features an opening act by Nanaimo’s Jayden Holman.

A Victoria-based artist, Montgomery is recording his debut album at the Mount Wells Studio.  The album will include several original songs written by Montgomery. He said his inspiration for songs comes from a variety of life experiences.

One song, It Just Goes On, is about a boy who is dealing with the death of his grandfather. The boy gets through the situation with the help of his father.

Later in the song the boy is grown and dealing with the death of his own father and it’s his son that helps him deal with the grief.

Another of his songs Cowboy Friday Night is about people meeting at the bar Friday after work.  Montgomery said it could be set anywhere and the main theme of the song is meeting with friends.

The show at the Queen’s is the third time the band has performed in Nanaimo. The first show in February was packed. Montgomery said it he likes to see a full crowd, but even if just five people show up he’ll perform from his heart. He said it’s about putting priority on the people who showed up not empty chairs.

Tickets are $8 and are available at the Queen’s. Music begins at 9:30 p.m. and a DJ duo, the Mewwws, will spin country hits between the musician’s performances.

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