Maillot shares lyrical knowledge

NANAIMO - Headliners School of Performing Arts is offering a singer songwriter course this August.

Alexandria Maillot

Alexandria Maillot

Songs can pull at a person’s heartstrings or transport them to a memorable moment in the past.

But where does a person begin to write a song that packs an emotional punch?

Headliners School of Performing Arts is striving to help people learn how to write songs for various genres through a singer-songwriter course led by Alexandria Maillot and Doug Dodd.

Maillot has performed at festivals around the world and in 2009 was one of the top 20 artists for the inaugural Peak Performance Project.

The course runs Aug. 13-16, 12:30-5 p.m., and will be taught at the school, which is located at 2231 McGarrigle Rd.

Participants will learn about lyric writing and how to adapt songs for different musical accompaniment and learn popular songwriting techniques.

Students in the class will work on their own compositions, analyze contemporary forms and styles, and collaborate with their peers and instructors to develop their skills.

Registration is $220. For more information please go to For more about Maillot please go to