Shandra Huard

Shandra Huard

Huard’s Haunted House looking to scare, raise money for community

NANAIMO - Huard's Haunted House spooks visitors to raise money for Nanaimo-area charities.

While some Nanaimo-area organizations have nothing to fear from Huard’s Haunted House, people visiting the Halloween attraction might not be so fortunate.

The haunted house is located at McNab’s Corn Maze at 4613 Yellow Point Rd., and proceeds from the fundraiser will go to a number of community groups, including Vancouver Island Mental Health Society and Brechin Lanes youth bowlers.

Shandra Huard, operator, said the idea has been festering with her and her husband for seven years.

“We both love Halloween, so it started out with a simple graveyard in the front of our house,” said Huard. “He decided to get a little goofy and actually dressed up as an eight-foot high demon … like he was a statue sitting on a bench, so when people came in, he stood up and chased them.”

The haunted house grew, people suggested they take money and Huard said they decided to donate the money. It got to the point where it was too big for their yard and the McNab family offered them a barn at their site in 2015.

A fictional storyline was created to enhance the production.

“The back story is basically our family has been travelling from country to country, town to town because whenever people find something strange, they’re afraid of it, and if they’re afraid of something, they want to get rid of it. So they kept chasing us out from our homes, so we had to constantly move.

“They (the McNabs) have allowed us to stay here at this barn as long as we open our doors to the public so the normal people can see how we live,” said Huard.

Family members consist of humans and those not-so human.

Huard didn’t want to give away too much, but she recommends the haunted house for people seven years old and up, although it varies.

“We’ve had seven-year-olds go through laughing the entire way. We’ve had grown adults crying, so it all depends on what your fears are and what you can handle,” said Huard.

Huard’s Haunted House runs until Halloween from 6-10 p.m., with a minimum suggested donation of $5.

Huard is also seeking volunteers to help out.

For more information, please go to or call 250-327-8506.