The Warped 45s perform at the Queen's Sunday (June 19).

The Warped 45s perform at the Queen's Sunday (June 19).

Group makes mark on roots

Life on the road benefits musicians

Asked what type of music The Warped 45s play, the band is armed with a handful of uncommon answers: northern gothic, black porch of the apocalypse or alt-country noir.

Often called unique within the roots-rock genre, The Warped 45s, like every band, inevitably draw comparisons.

Like The Band, they write earthy songs with superb vocal arrangements.

Like Blue Rodeo, they have two singer-songwriter frontmen who’ve known each other since childhood in first cousins Dave McEathron and Ryan Wayne McEathron.

Like The Weakerthans, they present unique, arresting images in novel ways.

The band played constantly and toured across Canada three times with their debut album, 10 Day Poem For Saskatchewan.

Touring made their music more cohesive and their attitude more confident. Most of all, it provided a shared history that ties the band members together.

After a winter holed up in the studio with producer John Critchley, The Warped 45s emerged with Matador Sunset, raising the bar on their debut.

The band heads to Nanaimo and the Queen’s for a show Sunday (June 19). Please call 250-754-6751 for ticket information. For information on the band, please visit