Melissa Partee

Melissa Partee

Gallery fired up about clay art class

NANAIMO - Downtown venue preparing to hold fall classes.

It’s shaping up to be a clayful time at the Nanaimo Art Gallery’s downtown campus.

The gallery is gearing up for its latest Saturday Studio art class, Art Play with Clay. The class, which takes place on Saturday (Aug. 16) is designed for children five to 11.

Melissa Partee, summer art education assistant said students in the Art Play with Clay class, which is inspired by the gallery’s current exhibit, Reconciling Self by Connie Watts, will work with clay to make three-dimensional art works.

“We always try to draw on the exhibits that we have going on at the galleries,” Partee said.

Since the downtown gallery opened earlier this year, there have been a number of Saturday Studio classes, which are roughly an hour long.

One of the classes saw participants make paper boats and create a mural. Their work was then displayed at the downtown RBC branch.

“We’ve done ones with drawing, painting and we have some coming up that are with collages,” Partee said. “We try to have a lot of variety and keep kids interested.”

Classes are $10 per child or $15 for a pair of siblings. To register for Art Play with Clay, please call 250-754-1750.

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