Five Years Further rocks across western Canada

NANAIMO - Five Years Further performs at the Cambie Friday (July 19).

Five Years Further is rocking across Western Canada to promote its new album Perfection is Lifeless.

The hard rock band incorporates a variety of styles into its music, but stays true to its roots.

Cameron Boone, Five Years Further’s lead singer and songwriter, said the songs were created in his basement studio.

“I come up with a riff or an idea and go in the studio and start laying down tracks. I come up with an idea and it spawns from there,” he said.

The lyrics he creates are based on emotions stirred by the music. He’ll often listen to the track over and over letting it ebb into him and tap into those emotions and start singing lyrics it inspires.

“It’s so simple and catchy, that’s one of the things I enjoy,” he said..

Perfection is Lifeless, a 12-song album, comes out July 27.

“We have so many great songs, each with their own distinctive vibe and feeling, that it felt wrong to try to cut it down to four or five,” said Lex Kosinski, the group’s bass player, in a press release.

Five Years Further is completing a Western Canada tour this summer to promote the album. Boone said members of the band were careful to keep the sound real and not over tune the songs.

“If you make it too perfect it’s too sterile,” said Boone. “It doesn’t have anything anymore.”

Five Years Further performs at the Cambie Friday (July 19) at 8 p.m. He said members are ready to put on an exciting show.

“The best way to describe what we do is we bring the boom,” said Boone. “We’ll have a lot of fun, but we’ll rock out hard.”

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