Film scene: Money remains a barrier for films

NANAIMO - Grants available for independent filmmakers Nanaimo and the province.

Money remains one of the most challenging barriers independent filmmakers encounter trying to create a film, according to Nanaimo filmmakers.

However, there are funding sources available.

Telus’ StoryHive is giving independent filmmakers a chance to win money to work on digital short. StoryHive offers a $10,000 grant, but requires online voting for the project to qualify.

“We work with a lot of emerging filmmakers. We want to help them go one step further,” said Jonas Woost, senior manger of StoryHive. “We want to support our arts community.”

For Nanaimo filmmaker Andrew Jones, the community support shot him into a top 15 StoryHive spot, giving him $10,000 for his film, Finding Fairies.

StoryHive accepts applications for the next round starting this summer. Please go to

The National Film Board of Canada has a filmmaker assistance program, which helps independent filmmakers complete projects through technical services. The program offers up to $5,000 and accepts submissions for work either in production or the post-production phase. It is aimed at emerging filmmakers who want to develop a relationship with the film board. For more information, please go to or e-mail

The British Columbia Arts Council has a project assistance program for media artists. There are two categories, which award either $10,000 or $25,000. The money supports costs of project material, equipment and space rental, funds paid to professionals such as crew and technicians and some production and post-production costs. The grant will be available again for submissions for next year’s round later this spring. Please go to for application guidelines.

CreativeB.C. and the Motion Picture Production Industry Association offers a short film award for emerging filmmakers. It offers up to $15,000, plus in-kind production services up to $100,000. The application process occurs in the fall, please go to

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