Eight shows scheduled for Fringetastic

Fringetastic Theatre Festival opens Thursday (Sept. 8) and continues until Sunday with eight shows ongoing throughout the weekend.

Fringetastic Theatre Festival opens Thursday (Sept. 8) and continues until Sunday with eight shows ongoing throughout the weekend. For dates, times and venues, please see Schedule: Fringetastic Theatre Festival.

Giving intTIcketso Light

Alison Wearing (Mexico)


General audience


Giving Into Light is a hilarious, yet deeply moving journey from the eye-crossing exhaustion of early motherhood into the myth and magic of Mexico.

It tells the story of a desperate and distraught new mother attempting to survive sleep-deprivation, fluorescent-lit church basement playgroups and prescriptions for depression in the midst of ice-caked Ontario.

Her search for happiness leads her on an intuition-inspired journey to a village in central Mexico – a one-mo nth trip that becomes a five-year stay. As she raises her child amid the colours and textures of Mexico, its bu stling marketplaces and interminable celebrations, she finds ‘post-partum illumination’: sweet surrender into the lyricism, the lunacy and the lightness of life.

$10; $8/volunteers


The Fabulous Miss Rosie Bitts

Rosie Bitts (Vancouver Island)

www.missrosieb itts.com

Mature audienc e (language, nudity)


The Fabulous Miss Rosie Bitts is an entertaining exploration of burlesque, which forces the audience to look at their attitudes about erotica, freedom of expression, feminism and their own body image.

Using burlesque, theatre and music, Rosie explores the sexual politics of female nudity. The show combines neo-burlesque, torch songs and classic burlesque in an entertaining examination of the fight against misunderstanding and censorship still felt by the burlesque stars of today.

$10; $8/volunteers


From Whence H e Came

Rice and Beans Theatre (Vancouver)


14+ audience


A bittersweet story filled with wild, lateral-associations in a semi-controlled-chaos aesthetic. Oscillating between false memory and reality, a young man tries to rationalize his disastrous inter-planetary migration. He was lost and waiting to be found.

$10; $8/volunteers


The Troubles

Resounding Scream (Vancouver Island)


General audience


Based on personal accounts of the conflict in Northern Ireland, The Troubles is a thought-provoking show that draws upon the voices of five distinct characters to explore questions around community, morality and loyalty. A boundary-pushing story of love and violence, The Troubles speaks that which has been forgotten.



Criminal Genius

Forty Ducks Theatre Company (Nanaimo)

Mature audience


The sad state of five criminals attempting to struggle their way out of the sick state of poverty the world pushed them into. A hilariously sad and truthful look at the underworld you might never have thought of.

$10; $8/volunteers


The Perfect Candidate

Ponomo Productions (Nanaimo)

Mature audience (themes)


This satirical comedy follows the antics, blunders and triumphs of four quick-witted though desperately insecure baby boomers. The plot twists with the skulduggery of the flawed yet heart-warming characters as they rush to either take credit, assign blame or simply open another bottle of wine.

$10; $8/volunteers


Top Men: The Fringe Show

Top Men (Nanaimo)

Mature audience (language)


An electro-pop musical show featuring larger than life props and characters. Previous guest stars include Brint, a 12-foot tall gay T-rex, a life-size robot of doom and a time machine.

$10; $8/volunteers



No Snowcones (Edmonton)

General audience


Take a risk.