Silva Sound consisting of Jesse Cullen

Silva Sound consisting of Jesse Cullen

Earthen rhythms

NANAIMO - Silva Sound performs at the Queen's Friday (May 17) at 8 p.m.

Silva Sound melds elements of earth with reggae and rock beats to create its druidic dub music.

The band finds inspiration in the coastal rainforests on Vancouver Island and infuses those components in its writing.

“It kind of comes out naturally. We like both rock and dub and reggae and we blend it together and it makes a really unique sound,” said Robin Soles, who plays the synthesizer to create bass sounds.

“We combine dub and rock to make a heavy sound but with big breaks and bass behind it. It turns out to be a unique dance rock sound with R&B style vocals.”

Soles said the band likes to make people dance but also like to have a message in the music, which consists of remembering to honour nature and themselves as a collective and being the best you can be.

“As individuals that is really important to us. We are really comforted and inspired by it. All of our childhood rotated around nature,” said Soles, adding that band members feel happiest and strongest when connected to the earth.

Silva Sound formed two years ago and played its first gig at the Diversity Festival. It has six members: Soles, Chris Holmes, Jesse Cullen, Jenna Lee, Sam Friesen and Dustin Flemming.

The band released its first, self-titled, album in 2011 and its second album Out of the Living in 2012. Silva Sound is currently working on its third album, which is expected to be released this summer.

The band has been getting some international radio play and also plans on creating a provincewide tour and tour of California in 2014.

The songwriters in the group are Cullen and Holmes. Soles said they are the backbone of the group.

When a framework is established the band meets to finish the songs together.

“We come together and fill in the pieces,” she said.

Soles said she grew up playing the classical piano. She put music aside in her early 20s and then began to be drawn back into it.

It was seeing how music brings people together that made her start making music again.

Silva Sound performs at the Queen’s Friday (May 17) at 8 p.m. Soles said she hopes people come out and watch.

Soles said it feels good when the band members see that listeners are being taken away by their music.

“Our favourite part is when we can see that the crowd is actually dancing and listening and being taken away by it,” she said.

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Doors for the Silva Sound performance open at 7 p.m. and admission is $5.