Comedian Jane Stanton performs in Nanaimo.

Comedian Jane Stanton performs in Nanaimo.

Comediennes take Queen’s stage

Jane Stanton and Randii Andii perform at comedy revue in Nanaimo

Watching Jane Stanton perform is likened to having a late-night conversation with your best friend – if she’s funny and likes mayonnaise.

Stanton won over a lot of new “best friends” when she was voted Vancouver’s funniest female in 2006. Since then, the comedian performed at Montreal’s famed Just for Laughs comedy festival, Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle and CBC’s The Debaters.

Those “best friends” will likely increase after a show at the Queen’s in Nanaimo June 16. She performs at the Naughty Night comedy revue with Randii Andii and Damsels in DisDress burlesque group.

Randii Andii is known for her outlandish costumes and her even more outrageous humour, which includes rewriting the lyrics to famous pop music.

A fashion show by Catwalk Fashions rounds out the night.

Doors open at 8 p.m.

Tickets $10 at Catwalk and the Queen’s.