Krzysztof Jablonski performs an afternoon of Chopin during a concert presented by the Nanaimo Conservatory of Music Sunday (March 17) 2:30 p.m.

Krzysztof Jablonski performs an afternoon of Chopin during a concert presented by the Nanaimo Conservatory of Music Sunday (March 17) 2:30 p.m.

Classical calling

NANAIMO - Pianist Krzysztof Jablonski performs at the Port Theatre Sunday (March 17).

Pianist Krzysztof Jablonski uses music to express his emotions and thoughts.

“I use the universal language of music to express myself to tell people what is in my mind and my heart,” said Jablonski. “Deep inside, people read the musical thoughts in a pretty similar way.”

When performing onstage he reads the audience’s energy.

“Every time it is a different group of people and I try to be focused as much as I can, but I can feel and sense the audience,” said Jablonski.

Jablonski hopes his music touches people on a personal level that lasts beyond the concert.

“What is more precious is what stays in people’s memories,” he said.

He is known around the world for his classical piano performances. Jablonski is a professor of Warsaw’s  F. Chopin Academy of Music and has adjudicated at international Chopin competitions around the globe.

He celebrates Chopin’s music during a gala hosted by the Nanaimo Conservatory of Music Sunday (March 17)  at 2:30 p.m. at the Port Theatre.

Jablonski grew up in Poland while it was still part of the Eastern Bloc. He said he couldn’t travel and had no contact with the outside world beyond his country and there wasn’t much to occupy his time except for music.

The piano wasn’t the first instrument Jablonski started playing. When he was five he started playing the accordion and also played the cello and church organ. Playing the church organ helped him become a better piano player said Jablonski. It helped him develop his talent of connecting the notes using his fingers instead of relying too much on pedals, which Jablonski said is difficult for some pianists.

“Most players tend to escape from it,” he explained, adding as an organist it made his playing cleaner.

The pianist said he was blessed with an inspiring teacher who dedicated more than 12 years to his development. His teacher Janina Butor was a mentor and a mother to him.

“She was raising me. I didn’t have an easy childhood. Home was a difficult environment,” said Jablonski. “She dedicated a major part of her life to me. She was a very passionate teacher and what she hoped to do when she recognized the potential was to go beyond the average level.”

Jablonski’s concert in Nanaimo is part of the Nanaimo Conservatory of Music’s 35th anniversary celebration.

“As we reach our 35th anniversary, putting together this kind of event reaffirms how far the conservatory has come. It also helps us support special programming,” said Kathleen Darby, conservatory executive director, in a press release.

Tickets are $35/$24 for students and are available by calling 250-754-8550, at the Port Theatre box office, located at 125 Front St., or online at

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