Child actor continues to rise

7-year-old actor Jacob Tremblay stars in The Magic Ferret, which is screening at the Vancouver Island Short Film Festival next month.

He might only be seven years old, but actor Jacob Tremblay has played in movies that feature the likes of Neil Patrick Harris, Fred Ewanuick, Brendan Gleeson, Jayma Mays and Beverley Elliott.

Tremblay stars as Sam in The Magic Ferret, which will be screening at the Vancouver Island Short Film Festival on February 7-8.  Tremblay, who hails from Vancouver, said he always wanted to be a movie star. “I really wanted to be in a movie with an animal and this movie I did get to be in a movie with an animal,” he said. His wish came true as when landed the lead role in The Magic Ferret. He said filming the movie wasn’t too difficult for him.

“It was good because I got to meet a ferret and the ferret was kind of squiggly in some of the scenes,” he said. The Vancouverite’s other works include Smurfs 2, as well as appearances in television shows, Motive and Mr. Young. Tremblay currently attends school in the Lower Mainland. He said it is hard to balance school with acting but that it comes with some benefits.

“It’s a little hard,” Tremblay said. “But it is also fun for me because I get to skip school.” The 7-year-old isn’t the only one in his family who is involved in the film industry. His sister Emma has appeared in Elysium and the TV movie Let It Snow.

Tremblay recently returned home from Alabama where he was filming his latest movie, Somnia. The film will star Kate Bosworth and features fellow Canadian Erika Hoveland. “It was great because I got to pet a baby tiger,” Tremblay said about the filming.For more information on the Vancouver Island Short Film Festival, please visit