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Never Knowing is a thrilling read

Chevy Stevens's new book Never Knowing is now in stores.

Chevy Stevens's new book Never Knowing is now in stores.

Never Knowing follows much the same format as Still Missing, the first novel from Nanaimo author Chevy Stevens.

Her heroine, Sara Gallagher, deals with rejection from her birth mother in therapy sessions, which is where she reveals that her birth father is a serial killer still on the loose – and hunting Sara and her family.

Stevens has likely been criticized for using similar formats for the two books as she’s quick to point out that her main characters and their stories are completely different.

Regardless of the similar format, Never Knowing is a thrilling read. Gallagher struggles with anxiety and through her talent for storytelling, Stevens forces the reader to feel the stress Gallagher experiences as she tries to help the police catch a serial killer.

You find yourself cheering for Sara, while scared for her at the same time, and hoping that she will find the strength, courage and focus to reach a happy ending to her story.

Stevens is establishing herself as a writer who can be counted on to deliver an exciting story, told through compelling characters.

Author: Chevy Stevens

Publisher: St. Martin’s

Available at: all bookstores and online

List price: $24.95