Ursula Vaira launches her book of poetry this month.

Ursula Vaira launches her book of poetry this month.

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In her first book of poetry, Ursula Vaira captures the rugged and challenging beauty of the West Coast landscape in three poignant stories.

The first, told through a set of linked poems, describe her 30-day, 1,600-kilometre paddle from Hazelton to Victoria with skipper Roy Henry Vickers in the Coast Salish canoe Nunsulsailus (Many Hands).

Journeys ’97 was an RCMP-First Nations venture to raise addictions awareness and to allow for a personal apology to 28 First Nations communities for their role in the legacy of the residential schools.

Frog River is the story of a woman’s stay in an isolated hunter’s cabin 130 km north of Muncho Lake in the northern Rockies.

Last One to Get There is a poem of place, of landscape and of West Coast imagery from a 22-day kayaking journey that rounded Cape Scott.

The author launches her new book June 11, 2:30 p.m., at the Nanaimo Museum.

Author: Ursula Vaira

Published by: Caitlin Press

List price: $16.95