Book club seeks like-minded readers

NANAIMO – New book club aimed at lesbians set to hold its first meeting today.

There is a new book club in town.

The Nanaimo Area Lesbian Book Club will be holding its first meeting on Thursday (Dec. 12) at 7 p.m.

The club is specifically targeted for lesbians within the community who share a passion for reading and intelligent conversation.

“I think it is an interesting way to have people from the community with similar life experiences reading the same kind of books and sharing those stories and our thoughts,” organizer Denise Le-Gal said.

Since the club is in its infancy, there is no decided book for the first meeting. Instead, those who are interested are encouraged to come with their own ideas.

“I positioned it so that everybody bring some ideas of what they might like to have as the first book and we will decide as a collective as to what we will move forward with,” Le-Gal said.

Le-Gal, a lesbian herself, came up with the idea to start a lesbian-based book club last month.

“The reason I started it was mostly because I am an avid book reader,” she said. “I thought it would be an interesting way to connect with other lesbians in the community who have that same interest.”

Le-Gal is hoping there will be enough interest to hold monthly meetings. She said those located outside of the Nanaimo city limits are also more than welcome to attend.

“I am hoping we will do regular monthly meetings,” she said. “Whether that will be the first Thursday of every month, I have no idea.”

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