Beatles reimagined

Tribute show tours the world recreating legendary rock band

Beatlemania returns to Nanaimo.

The tribute show to the legendary quartet that changed music forever performs at the Port Theatre June 23 at 7:30 p.m.

The musical biography takes audiences on a journey through the eras of The Fab Four with an incredible musical story that explores the band’s humble beginnings, rise to fame, cultural change and the Beatlemania phenomenon that changed music forever.

With a new cast, comes new moments, including new eras of The Beatles musical history and the addition of new musical tracks.

Musically, no detail is overlooked to recreate the true sound and excitement of The Beatles, with every song performed without canned music and in its original key.

Find out exactly how close the cast comes to the real thing, with tickets available for $54; $30/children.

Please call 250-754-8550 or visit