The Poor Young Things are stopping in Nanaimo on its cross Canada tour in celebration of its album

The Poor Young Things are stopping in Nanaimo on its cross Canada tour in celebration of its album

Band explores relationships in album

NANAIMO - The Poor Young Things perform in Nanaimo at the Queen's Tuesday (June 18).

The Poor Young Things are touring Canada to celebrate its album, The Heart. The Head. The End.

The high school friends left their hometown of Thunder Bay two years ago to pursue their musical career in Toronto.

The move led to a record deal with marquee management and a nomination for Emerging Artist of the Year from Sirius XM.

The band includes singer/guitarist Matt Fratpietro, guitarists Michael Kondakow and Dave Grant, bassist Scott Burk and drummer Konrad Commisso.

The group is becoming known for its pop-rock music.

“This record is a reflection of getting older and thinking about that. We are all going to be 27 this year,” said Matt Fratpietro, singer/guitarist for the band, in a press release. Sign of the Times (the album’s first single) is based on what the world is like today. But the over-arching theme is experiences we’ve had – on the road, relationship-y things. There are also songs on there about having a good time and meeting people. Revolver is one of those.”

Fratpietro writes most of the lyrics.

The songs are created first and the lyrics come after.  He said the band just jams until it gets the song right, which helps capture the vibe of togetherness.

He said songs like Revolver and Black Lightning almost seemed to write themselves. Black Lightning features backing vocals by Koady Chaisson.

“Black Lightning took a couple of days. And that was typical of most songs on the album,” said Fratpietro. We were actually very surprised how easily everything came out when we finally sat down together. Everything went where we wanted it to go. I honestly can’t think of a song we had to struggle with.”

Fratpietro said he hopes people can listen to the album and see a “little bit of themselves in it.”

The Poor Young Things perform at the Queen’s Tuesday (June 18) with special guests The Tracers and Plastic Cactus.

Tickets are $10 and available at the bar or in advance or at the door. Doors open at 7 p.m.