Kirkwood Academy students Emma Dewar

Kirkwood Academy students Emma Dewar

Ballet will tell charming story

Kirkwood Academy production of Coppélia runs this Saturday at the Port Theatre.

A young couple falling in love and becoming curious about their mysterious inventor neighbour and his new doll is the basis for Kirkwood Academy’s latest production, Coppélia.

The three-act ballet runs Saturday (Nov. 29) at the Port Theatre and features over 100 cast members of all ages.

Carolé Martyn, principal of Kirkwood Academy and co-producer of Coppélia, said the production is perfect for the whole family.

“It’s family entertainment,” Martyn said. “It’s funny. It’s got a Christmas flavor to it and it’s very charming and very appropriate for families and children.”

Martyn said because Coppélia has a huge  cast, there are plenty of dancing parts for the students at Kirkwood Academy.

“It’s a big cast,” she said. “We want to give everybody a nice part and a fair amount of rehearsals. So we have worked really hard every weekend.”

The production of Coppélia includes guest dancers Matthew Cluff, Graham McMonagle and Kirkwood students Emma Dewar, Raeanne Madge, and Jacqueline Walters.

Coppélia was originally performed by the Paris Opera in 1870. The production, which is based on the writings of E.T. Hoffman, has since been preformed countless times around the world.

For the students at Kirkwood Academy, the holiday season is an especially busy time.

“[The students] have exams a week after the production,” Martyn said.

Kirkwood Academy typically performs The Nutcracker around this time of the year, but decided to change it up.

“We wanted a change for the students,” Martyn said. “I think we will do Nutcracker next year, but it is just to give them a taste of different ballets and different choreographies.”

Coppélia runs at 2 p.m. and again at 7 p.m., on Saturday at the Port Theatre. Tickets are $26.25 for adults, $21 for seniors and students and $15.25 for children under 12.

For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit or

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