Merisa Donoghue

Merisa Donoghue

Album release highlights local food

Working together can be a powerful thing at the grassroots level.

That’s why the Cedar Farmers’ Market and local band Trinitude, best known for writing songs about working class people and the good times and struggles they face, have come together to launch Trinitude’s sophomore album Jingle in the Pot on June 19.

“We knew this market was different from the first time we played there four years ago,” said Emily Celeste of Trinitude.

Perhaps it’s the location of the Cedar Farmers’ Market that sets it apart, tucked between farm properties on a field at the entrance to the Crow & Gate Pub.

“It’s like a little step out of time,” said Merisa Donoghue of Trinitude. “We love this market and what it stands for and want to do what we can to share its existence with others.”

During the album release party, the market will provide a barbecue lunch by donation created by Chef Kyle Gignac from Terrain Regional Kitchen in Cowichan Bay. Gignac will serve up food made entirely from fresh veggies, meat, and other goods from the Cedar Farmers’ Market vendors.

“A major part of the reason we’re doing this is to shine a light on the health benefits of eating local, fresh, organic food,” Celeste said. “You learn a lot about the quality of your food when you buy direct from the farmer who grows it.

“We also want to encourage people to support their local economy by buying locally.

“Many small farmers, despite very long hours, have to take on part-time jobs just to make ends meet. Working musicians are very often in the same boat, which creates empathy between us,” Celeste said.

The song Heart of the Working Class, on Trinitude’s upcoming album, describes this situation, which has become all too common in recent years.

“It’s the people who belong to the working class that drive things – when we all work together and support each other, like Trinitude and the Cedar Farmers’ Market are currently doing, we can create a lot of pressure for change at a grassroots level,” said Les Tibbo of Trinitude.

The album release festivities will be hosted by the Cedar Farmers’ Market on June 19, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

There is no admission, but tips tossed into Trinitude’s teapot are always appreciated and the new album, Jingle in the Pot, will be available for $15.

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