Editorial: Nanaimo grads make us proud

Another class of graduates is finishing secondary school in Nanaimo.

Editorial: Affordability will drive votes

Candidates need to get people to the polls, and raising issues around affordable housing is one way

  • Jun 22nd, 2017

Editorial: School libraries need stocking

As school boards try to manage budget challenges, library bookshelves don’t always get prioritized.

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No baby goes unhugged at NRGH

Editorial: City can agree on walkway

The waterfront walkway is highly valued by citizens

Editorial: Marine Fest now Marine Month, and why stop there?

Next month and in subsequent summers, Nanaimo can really make the most of festival season

Editorial: Byelection one to watch

A few thousand votes divided 13 ways could mean slim margins at the ballot box

Editorial: Byelection is a refresher

This summer’s byelection will be a midterm vote of sorts in Nanaimo

Editorial: Ideas needed in drug crisis

Nanaimo will put off a permanent supervised consumption site, but there’s a will to find solutions

Editorial: Celebrate our heritage

There’s every reason why Heritage Days can be a source of pride here

Editorial: Close vote benefits B.C.

B.C. may well end up with the same governing party – but things won’t be the same

Editorial: Every vote is important

Today (May 9) is voting day, the climax and the conclusion of the B.C. general election

Editorial: Affordability top-of-mind

The City of Nanaimo adopted terms of reference for its first-ever affordable housing strategy

Editorial: Overdose crisis needs local response

Supervised consumption isn’t a solution, but it’s a critical response to an crisis that is ongoing

Editorial: Own a share of the Clippers

The Nanaimo Clippers Hockey Society is now seeking new members

Editorial: Environment gets our votes

Environmental issues should matter to all political parties, because voters care

  • Apr 19th, 2017

Editorial: Island issues pique interest

We’re anxious to see who will advocate for us in Nanaimo and on Vancouver Island

Editorial: News coming more quickly

As many of you may have noticed, we launched a completely new website last month

Editorial: Colour more crosswalks

Pride Week in Nanaimo is something to be proud of and it should be supported

  • Apr 6th, 2017

Editorial: Pot decisions downloaded

It’s high time for federal pot laws and it’s been high time for awhile now.

  • Mar 30th, 2017