Skin cancer forum aims to educate

NANAIMO – Forum takes place at Nanaimo's Port Theatre Thursday (Oct. 6).

The Save Your Skin Foundation, a national patient organization focused on skin disease, will host an interactive and informative public forum on skin cancer to help educate and raise awareness in Nanaimo.

“Skin cancer is unique in the cancer family as it is highly preventable and curable if caught in the early stages, yet the rates of skin cancer in Canada continue to rise faster than that of any other cancer,” said Dr. Gabriele Weichert, dermatologist, in a press relase. “There needs to be a clearer understanding of this disease and treatment options. Programs like this forum are important for prevention, early detection and patient support.”

The free public skin cancer forum will include an interactive presentation with several experts, including doctors and patients. Weichert will discuss the latest medical information on skin cancer recognition and diagnosis, prevention and treatment options. Meloney Edghill and Nigel Deacon, skin cancer survivors from Save Your Skin Foundation, will speak about support groups for skin cancer at a community level.

The forum, called Mountain for Mole Hill, takes place Thursday (Oct. 6), 7-8:30 p.m., at the Port Theatre.

Save Your Skin Foundation is a national not-for profit organization dedicated to the areas of skin cancer and skin disease with a focus on education and awareness, supporting research and ensuring equal and timely access to treatment for Canadians.

For more information, please visit, phone 1-800-460-5832 or e-mail