Residents reminded to scoop the poop

NANAIMO – Picking up after your dog is not only good for the environment, it's the law.

It’s gross and smelly, but it’s also the law and helps protect the environment.

Nanaimo parks, recreation and culture is teaming up with Coastal Animal Control Services to remind dog owners to Scoop the Poop.

In the community, bacteria from several different types of waste are the No. 1 pollutant of rivers, lakes and ocean.

Just one day’s waste from one dog can contain 7.8 million fecal coliform bacteria.  With more than 8,000 dogs in Nanaimo, it’s pretty clear dealing with dog doo is a big deal.

The best thing for dog owners to do is to pick up after their dog every single time.  This way pet waste is not left on the ground to be picked up in storm water running off with into our creeks, lakes and the ocean.

Follow these steps to be part of the solution to pet waste contamination.

Bring it – Always bring a plastic bag when you walk your dog, even if you are just heading out around your neighbourhood.

Perhaps keep one in your purse or jacket at all times. All dog off-leash parks are equipped with at least one dog bag dispenser and garbage can.

Scoop it – Use the bag as a glove to pick up the waste. Scoop up the waste and turn the bag inside out and around the waste.

Do not throw bags into the trees or off to the side of the trail.  Not only is this littering and unpleasant to look at, but poop not disposed of properly can lead to potential health issues for both humans and the environment.

Dispose it – Properly dispose pet waste by placing it in the bins provided in our parks, or flushing it (not the bag) down the toilet. There are several companies in the Nanaimo area that offer dog doo pickup services.

For more information about dogs in Nanaimo parks and trails, please visit

Please contact Coastal Animal Control Services for questions or concerns about dogs at 250-754-1397