Air cadet Victoria Welte

Air cadet Victoria Welte

Nanaimo cadets head to training camp

NANAIMO – Thousands of teens from across province attend cadet training centres.

Staff Cadet Hailey Anderson from Nanaimo will be using her leadership skills to help train sea, army and air cadets at Albert Head Cadet Training Centre near Victoria this summer.

Anderson, 17, is from 136 Amphion Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps in Nanaimo where she has been a cadet for three years. This summer, she will be working as a staff cadet at Albert Head Cadet Training Centre.

Cadet training centres across Canada are enjoying the mix of sea, army, and air cadets and whilst air cadets are still in the majority at Albert head CTC, sea and army cadets will be working alongside air cadets to create a fun and memorable experience for the 800 course cadets who pass through the centre this summer.

When she is not at the training centre, Anderson enjoys volunteering at a local daycare.

“I was a little nervous at first as I have only been to sea cadet training centres in the past,” said Anderson. “But I have already made new friends and I will be happy to do any work here. It is a great opportunity to learn leadership and also management skills. I know it will make me more confident and it will be fun.”

More than 3,400 sea, army and air cadets are participating in summer training activities across B.C. this summer. Other cadets have had the opportunity to travel across the country and even overseas. To find out more about the cadet program, please visit