Marine flares to be collected

NANAIMO – Nanaimo Power and Sail Squadron collecting expired marine flares.


The proper disposal of expired marine flares is a challenge for boaters as they cannot be lit, thrown in the water or tossed into household garbage.

As a community service to the boating public, Nanaimo Power and Sail Squadron, in cooperation with CIL Orion, will be accepting expired marine flares of all kinds on May 23 at the West Marine store at 120-2000 Island Highway North.

There is no charge for this service.

All boats are required to carry a specific number of marine flares of various types, depending on the size of the boat. Approval of these expires four years from the date of manufacture, which is stamped on each flare.

Before the boating season gets into full swing, boaters should check that they have the correct number and type of flare on board and ensure that they have not expired.