Incentives offered to residents to trade in wood stoves

NANAIMO – Regional District of Nanaimo residents have opportunity to upgrade to cleaner-burning stove.

Regional District of Nanaimo residents are being offered a financial incentive to replace older, less environmentally friendly wood stoves with newer, cleaner burning models.

The B.C. government has given the regional district $19,950 in Wood Stove Exchange Program money, which will provide people with a $250 rebate off “any new certified domestic solid fuel burning device or high efficiency appliance, including gas, propane, pellet or electric stoves,” according to a provincial government press release.

New wood stoves purchased in the province must adhere to Canadian Standards Association regulations for emissions. The new stoves are said to burn one-third less the wood and reduce the amount of particulate matter going into the atmosphere by upwards of 90 per cent.