Grocery jobs available

Company offers industry training to post-secondary grads

Post-secondary graduates interested in a career in grocery retail can get a taste of the industry thanks to Loblaw Companies Ltd.

Launched in 2009, the grad@Loblaw program offers college and university graduates full-time positions and the opportunity to gain a  foundation in a grocery retail store such as Nanaimo’s Real Canadian Superstore.

Successful candidates enter into a  18-month program that offers mentoring and hands-on experience in various parts of Loblaw business.

In the first five months of the program, participants work in a Loblaw retail store, learning operations and how to meet the needs of customers.

They then spend three months in merchandising, learning product selection and getting those products to store shelves.

For the remaining nine months, graduates are placed in the department they were hired to support, such as management, marketing, human resources, central operations or finance.

Judy McCrie, Loblaw executive vice-president of human resources and labour relations, said the company strives to provide participants with learning opportunities and mentorship.

“The blend of their passion and insights and our focus on creating meaningful learning opportunities results in an incredible pipeline of talent,”  she said.

Grads can apply at until Oct. 6, for the January program.

More information can be found at the grad@Loblaw Facebook page.