Grant helps Nanaimo schools pay for skating lessons

NANAIMO – RBC Foundation's Learn-to-Play Project assists with Learn-to-Skate program.

The City of Nanaimo once again received a grant for skate programs from a national banking foundation.

RBC Foundation Learn-to-Play Project assists in the development and provision of the city’s school-based Learn-to-Skate program to local schools, daycares and pre-schools.

The grant subsidizes the cost of the program for the schools. Over the past decade, cost has become a significant barrier for schools to partake of this opportunity.

This is an introduction to ice sports, including hockey, for new Canadians, those of limited financial means and family support, and those who experience other social, physical and mental challenges.

Working though the school system helps reach and engage the widest range of impressionable children in the community.

This year, RBC, ParticipAction and the Public Health Agency of Canada will award $2 million in grants to support a wide variety of programs.

A primary focus of this program is to foster the concepts of physical literacy, sport for life and encourage a love of physical activity in children by exposing them to Canada’s lifelong passion with ice sports.

“Early exposure to these physical literacy concepts is an effective way to encourage lifelong participation in an active lifestyle,” said   Gary Paterson, recreation coordinator-arenas for the City of Nanaimo.

Lessons began in September and are available in both Nanaimo Ice Centre and Frank Crane Arena at a variety of times and runs to the end of March.

Times are available for schools up until Christmas.